Our range of information security services has been designed to uncover your IT security vulnerabilities, support your ongoing security efforts, increase the digital resilience of your organization, and provide you with the assurances you need.


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If an organization is affected by a cybersecurity breach, it is important to get a clear view of the situation, take control, and prevent panic reactions that could make the situation worse. Today’s security breaches are more aimed at data exfiltration, which in turn lead to credibility damage, legal problems, and significant financial damage for an organization. The secret to mitigate these breaches is to detect them in their early stages and respond accordingly, minimizing their impact and damage.

Static code analysis is an automated or manual vulnerability scanning methodology designed to work on source code rather than an executable. Static code analysis tools, also known as Static Application Security Testing Tools (SAST), inspect the code for possible common vulnerabilities, which are then resolved before the application is installed in a production or released online. Following the SDLC (Secure Development Life Cycle) methodology, this is a common practice for development companies and other clients.

Did you get some legacy software and don’t have a clue how it is working and what kind of security threat it is to your information system or your corporation? We can provide answers with detailed analysis from different angles and provide you with relevant information so you can make the right decision. 

If an organization needs to get the right decision based on different inputs in the area of information security, we have the right answers for your needs. Our extensive knowledge of various aspects in this area and long history of diverse consultations with our customers make us a perfect match for your issues.


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Our major service is still penetration testing. Our highly qualified team is able to penetrate into every kind of system and application. We are qualified to perform penetration testing in the following areas:

Our web penetration skills cover the majority of technologies used in web applications. We have performed over several hundred web app pentest over the last couple of years and tested a variety of applications ranging from the financial, utility, small, and huge ones.

Our ethical hackers are able to get into different mindsets and perform real social engineering attacks. Our methodology is based on real hacker techniques and not taken off the shelf.

Our red teamers are able to analyze, prepare, execute, and offer post-execution and analysis of simulated attacks. A wide range of covering different areas gives us better results than our competition.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic, and we are seeing millions of different devices connected to the internet and not so many companies doing security testing. We have been privileged to test some devices, and we would also love to test yours.


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During our various web application pentest or some other activities, we discovered there are so many badly developed applications. The root cause for this situation is, that there is not so much investment in secure development. For your developers, testers, or QA people we can provide training so they can build more secure applications and make the entire ecosystem safer.

Security Operation Center (SOC) is another hot topic these days. If security analysts want to do their jobs really well every day, they need constant training to stay up to date with tools, techniques, and hacker methods. We can provide bleeding-edge training to your soc analysts or if somebody wants to change their professional path, we can help him become an excellent security analyst.

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