Ethical hacking training


Staying ahead of cyber threats today is a must for all types and sizes of companies. Constant education in this area is a must if your IT team wants to be successful in fighting against new threat actors and their improving attacks.

Our security experts can educate and train your personnel to be ready when attacks happen and will have knowledge, processes, and tools in place to defend your crown jewels.

During past years we performed over 50 trainings.



Overview of the latest attack methods and attack vectors.


Hands-on latest tools and defensive measures against hackers.


Training in a realistic simulated environment with real threats.


Gamification with CTF style challenges taken from our real penetration tests.


We provide different training for the targeted audiences. Ethical hacking training ranges from basic to hard levels. Our training covers different areas and as an addition also brings challenges for each trainee:
Due to the high demand for SOC analysts, we also provide training, that can help you jump into SOC operations with ease. Some of the covered areas from this training:

For large teams or organizations, we prepare customized training tailored to your systems, technologies, and platforms. This tailored training can give you more depth in areas that are important to your business.