Secure development training


Secure development is not a myth. By implementing a secure development lifecycle and educating developers about the appropriate secure development patterns, you can achieve properly secured applications. If you don’t produce secure code, you can create vulnerabilities in your whole digital ecosystem, not just in web applications.

With the proper education of your developers, you could save time and money and be always ahead of the hackers.



Training with the latest technologies and secure development patterns.


Tailored to your development teams with custom-made training to maximize the effect from each training.


Keep your developers up to date with the latest threats and possible exploits.


Get familiar with best practices from different communities like OWASP and ISACA.


We are offering custom-made training on secure development ranging from 2 to 4 days. Since each development team or group of developers needs special care, we will prepare tailored made training just for you.
With our training your developers will get familiar with:

Our training environment is prepared for each individual training and gives you a fast start without hassle to install tools and environment.