Hackron, Tenerife: A Blast with Our CTF Challenge!

At the Hackron Conference in sunny Tenerife, we did something pretty cool that got everyone turning their head. Together with local team we set up a Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge, but with a twist that made it super memorable for everyone involved. We brought city model to the life which you could hack. Rotating lights, right music and military environment brought proper CTF atmosphere into Auditorio de Tenerife.

What Made Our CTF Special?

Capture The Flag events are all about cracking codes and solving security puzzles. They’re a big hit for folks who love diving into cybersecurity. This time around, we spiced things up a bit. Our challenge had a setup where if you hacked it right, the lights in our tiny model buildings would switch off. Imagine the buzz when the lights went out – it was like magic!

The Thrill of the Game

The energy was high, and the hackers were all in. They poked around, tried different tricks, and when the first team got it right, bam! The lights went off, and the place erupted into asking who was it. It wasn’t just about showing off hacking skills; it was about seeing the real impact of those skills, right there and then.

Learning with Fun

This wasn’t just for kicks, though. It was a great way to see how cybersecurity isn’t just something on a screen. It affects real things around us. By tying the challenge to something physical like lights going out, everyone got to see how important it is to keep our digital and physical worlds safe.

A Mini-World of Challenges

Our CTF wasn’t just any setup. We built a little world with models of a hospital, a power plant, a bank, and even a government building. It was like a mini-city, and each building had its own set of challenges. This way, participants got a taste of what it’s like to protect different kinds of important places from cyber attacks.

The Buzz and What’s Next

Everyone loved it. Whether they were hardcore hackers or just starting out, they couldn’t stop talking about how cool the challenge was. It’s got us thinking about what else we can do to mix technology, fun, and learning. We’re already dreaming up new ideas for future events.

Wrapping It Up

Joining in at Hackron in Tenerife was an unforgettable adventure. We mixed a bit of tech, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of enthusiasm to create a CTF challenge that stood out. It showed us all how cybersecurity touches not just our digital lives but the real world around us. Big thanks to everyone who joined in – we’re already excited for the next big thing!