Research and development

We are successfully connecting and strengthening cooperation between science-research organizations on one hand and the economy in the field of information services on the other. For this purpose, we have registered our own research group Institute for Data and Information Systems Security (IVPIS) in 2006. Each time we apply for a research or development project, we have in mind that research and development are very important segments for companies and are the lead for innovation and competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. The effectiveness of research and development projects have also increased the recognition of our company.


Current projects

We currently have no active projects.

Past projects

Development of cyber security training programs – RUKIV

With the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, we were participating in the RUKIV project (Development of cyber security training programs). The main objectives of the research project were:

OBJECTIVE 1: Analysis of existing cybersecurity programs

OBJECTIVE 2: Preparation of a cybersecurity training program for ICT professionals in companies and institutions

The final results of the research project offer a comprehensive plan for both formal (higher master’s study program and higher education study program for upskilling) and informal forms of training, taking into account Slovenia’s needs and the latest technological developments.

Project duration: from 1st September, 2021, until 28th February, 2023

Participants: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University in Maribor, and Viris d.o.o.

The investment was co-financed by the ARRS – Slovenian Research Agency and URSIV – Government Information Security Office

Blockchain Project Energy Trading with Artifical Intelligence – BETAI

Viris d. o. o., as one of the consortium partners, participated in the BLOCKCHAIN project ENERGY TRADING WITH ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE – BETAi (www.betai.si). The main goals of this operation were:

OBJECTIVE 1: Setting up an energy market – P2P for electricity trading in the retail market

OBJECTIVE 2: Setting up an energy market – P2P for energy projects

OBJECTIVE 3: Local optimization and automation of management of energy devices with AI in the building

OBJECTIVE 4: Optimization and automation of management and trading within the balance group with the support of AI

OBJECTIVE 5: Optimization and automation of management and trading within the balance group with AI support and consideration of wholesale markets

Project duration: from 1st April, 2019, until 31st March, 2022

Participants: DOM Lenart d.o.o., SONCE ENERGIJA d.o.o., COMCOM d.o.o. Idrija, EUDOM d.o.o., so.p. and Viris d.o.o. 

The investment was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Evropska kohezijska politika v Sloveniji

Dynamical analysis of Android applications – Vaccine

The number of mobile applications is rising and Android still holds a large market share. As these numbers of applications grow, we need better tools to understand how applications work and how to analyze them. There is always a question if we can trust mobile applications to do only what they are allowed to do and if they are really secure when transmitting our personal information to different servers. Therefore we developed a tool Vaccine for the purpose of dynamical analysis of Android applications. With Vaccine it is possible to access and change variables of the running application and even execute methods at runtime, it also provides an effective framework to analyze the behavior of the application under different circumstances. The latest source code is available at GitHub.

Project duration: from 2013 until 2014 

Viris d.o.o. (internal development)

Information system for journaling golf tournaments – Golfriend

Calculating the results of the golf tournament by the use of paper and pencil is not an easy task. Under the aegis of the development project, we have developed software for users, a centralized server system, an internet portal for monitoring the tournament history and statistics, and for creating a community of users of the projected information system.

Project duration: from 2009 until 2010 

Viris d.o.o. (applicant)

A model of an information system for Slovenian colleges

In the context of the targeted research project, we have developed a model of an information system that takes into account the aims of the strategic operations of the higher educational system, the needs of managing the data, overseeing of the indicators of higher educational system, and good practices of the Ministry of Education and Sport.

Project duration: 2009 

Cooperators: School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica, Viris d.o.o. (contractor), Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana

Digital forensics and its role in judicial proceedings

Important information for understanding the aspects of the legal profession and practices on digital forensics and its current and future role in judicial proceedings was gained. Also, the current extent of use of the digital forensics methods in criminal justice was analyzed.

Project duration: from 2006 until 2008

Participants: Viris d.o.o. (applicant), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor, Faculty of Law in Maribor, and Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security in Maribor

Planning the integration of databases for protection and rescuing

In the context of the targeted research project “Producing interactive state protection and rescue plans in electronic form with integration into the information system of protection and rescuing” the first steps for computer support in connecting all state protection and rescue plans were made.

Project duration: from 2006 until 2007 

Participants: Viris (applicant), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science