End of December 2011 group Anonymous attacked Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting Inc.) web page. Results were around 200 GB of important data. Among other data there have been customer information and also CC numbers. This data breach disclosed also some of Slovenian users.

Looking from Slovenia this wouldn’t be anything special, but if we take closer look, follow some data that have been posted on Pastebin, then this looks little bit interesting. If we take a look at the list of Slovenian customers, we see that this list is quite interesting. We find people from government, ministry of defense, media houses, private companies, private unknown companies and even Catholic Church.

The way how we got to this list is also very interesting. During routine checks on Pastebin, we found some list of usernames, which looked like dumped users with lot of “” emails. There have been also MD5 encrypted passwords. First password didn’t tell anything. Second one decrypted to stratfor. After more checking we found this is list of Slovenian Stratfor users. It looks like there have been already some interest, because this list was posted on 30.12.2011 on Pastebin.

I don’t want to speculate why some people need these kind of data and for what purpose they need this data. It is just interesting to see how global data breaches influence our own small country and show information that should be kept confidential.

We didn’t post all email addresses because we don’t want get in troubles with Information commissioner but I guess you will find them easily.

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